Alicia Reyes-Barrientez

Dissertation: The Politics of Latina/o Faith: Exploring Religion as a Potential Political Cleavage among Latinas/os

As the fastest growing minority population in the U.S., Latinos are an ever-changing demographic group with the potential of altering the electoral landscape in significant ways. Religious diversity could present a challenge to Latino group cohesion, however, particularly given the growth of Evangelicalism, among both Protestants and Catholics, in the Latino community. Reyes-Barriéntez proposes a theory of Latino ethno religious identity politics, which posits that Catholicism, as the religion associated with the larger Latino identity, reinforces affiliation to the Democratic Party. The extent to which Latino evangelical Catholics adopt a more conservative ideology and specifically, a preference for the Republican Party, may determine whether or not a sizeable portion of the Latino electorate will abandon ties to the Democratic Party.
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