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Kerry Haynie takes DukeImmerse to South Africa

Political Science Associate Professor Kerry Haynie in conjunction with Ralph Lawrence, Professor of Government and Public Policy at the University of Kwazulu-Natal in Pietermartizburg, South Africa have created the Governance, Policy, and Social Justice (GPS) program offered this Fall through DukeImmerse.

The GPS program consists of four integrated courses focusing on Urban Politics in the American South and South Africa, studying how politics and public policy can affect human interaction with the ever-increasing human population in cities worldwide and how best to plan and build urban centers in terms of physical features and infrastructure, paying particular attention to how inhabitants interact and coexist in these environments.  In both post-apartheid South Africa and the post-Jim Crow American South there are still many unresolved social issues. A better knowledge of the patterns of social and economic development with a cross-country, cross-city comparative analysis might ultimately suggest policy reform for eradicating some of the remaining barriers to socioeconomic justice in these and other countries. 

Professor Haynie will be traveling with undergraduate students from the GPS program for a two-week long trip to Pietermaritzburg on October 18th to conduct their field study.  Upon return the GPS course will conduct similar fieldwork in Durham.

DukeImmerse was developed in 2009 by a group of Duke faculty with the concept of allowing students to research a single theme or problem through four integrated courses within one semester. Its intention is to connect students with faculty who are engaging in their own research by increasing student faculty interaction and collaboration as well as connecting course material with the real world.  To learn more about the DukeImmerse, please visit http://sites.duke.edu/dukeimmerse/.

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