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  • Eric B Lorber

  • Rubenstein Hall
  • Bio

    Eric Lorber is a PhD candidate in Political Science at Duke and a JD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. His most recent work, "Toward a Theory of Civil-Military Punishment," (co-authored with Daniel Bessner) is forthcoming in Armed Forces and Society. He also recently published, "Coercive Diplomacy: Evaluating the Consequences of Financial Economic Sanctions," (co-authored with Peter Feaver) in November 2010 (Legatum Institute). His research focuses on civil-military relations, the use of force against non-state actors, and the credibility of security guarantees. He has been a fellow at the Duke University American Grand Strategy Program, worked for the RAND Corporation, and is currently an adjunct staff member at the Institute for Defense Analyses.
  • Specialties

    • International Relations
    • 2920
  • Research Description

    Currently Researching Nuclear Weapons Declaratory Policy, Networked Terrorist Organizations, and Hypocrisy Costs in U.S. Foreign Policy
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