Patrick Winter

Patrick Winter

2005 Major: Political Science

Current Title/Employer: Assistant General Counsel, Cowen Inc. — New York, NY

How has being a Political Science graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

It provided me with a better understanding of the US Judiciary System, the constitution and other democratic principles which assist me with the practice of law. Furthermore, being a Political Science major helped develop my critical thinking skills as well as my writing skills which not only helped me in law school, but continue to be an asset today.

What advice would you give students in Political Science?

Do not limit yourself to the social sciences and do not shy away from subjects that are foreign or overwhelming. I deeply regret not taking more Econ/Business Courses while at Duke since my professional experiences have all been in the Financial Services Industry. Having a basic knowledge of accounting etc would have been an asset. On the flip side, do not limit your career choices simply because you did not major in Econ or Math. Many of my close friends were History or English majors who went on to have successful careers on Wall Street.