America in the World Economy: The Law, Politics, and Economics of U.S. Antitrust, 1890-2015


Introduction to the history and key issues in U.S. antitrust from the beginning of federal antitrust legislation in 1890 through today, with special emphasis on how politics and economics of antitrust have been intertwined with the position of the United States in the world economy. Focuses on antitrust law - which authorizes interventions against cartels, monopolies, and anti-competitive conduct, with the goal of constraining the accumulation and abuse of economic power - as one of the key instruments governments have to shape the structure and distribution of benefits of a market economy. Field trip to Washington, DC to meet with U.S. antitrust enforcement agencies.
Curriculum Codes
  • R
  • SS
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  • ETHICS 255
  • PUBPOL 254
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