Frontier City Berlin: Facing History's Great Challenges


This course deals with some of the great challenges and conflicts of the 20th and 21st century, such as capitalism vs. communism; authoritarian vs. democratic governance, and focuses on Berlin as a city at the forefront of historic struggles. In particular, it treats Berlin as the site of the first socialist revolution in a highly industrialized nation (1918/19); the rise of fascism amidst an advanced urban culture, the legacy of world war and totalitarian rule; the Cold War division of Berlin; the fall of communism and the crises of capitalism; and the search for an environmentally sustainable future. Offered in English in the Duke-in-Berlin summer program.
Curriculum Codes
  • CCI
  • CZ
Cross-Listed As
  • GERMAN 366SA
  • PUBPOL 210SA
Typically Offered