Advanced Research Seminar in Urban Politics and Policymaking

Duke Immerse Seminar. Advanced research and writing seminar. Participants produce a 30-40-page research paper based on fieldwork and archival research experiences in Durham and an approved South African city. Includes tutorials in research design and comparative research methods. There is a required fieldwork component of the course that entails a two-week trip to South Africa. Students will collect data, do interviews, visit municipals offices, and or spend time at NGOs in Pietermaritzburg. Instructor consent required. One course.

Networks in a Globalizing World

Network perspective on understanding politics; focus on aspects of security, peace, and conflict as seen from a global network perspective; focus on major concepts of network analysis: nodes, links, cliques, centrality, as well as the dynamics of the spread of political phenomena through networks. Students will learn to conduct studies of politics that use network concepts and data. One course.

Ethnic Conflict

An examination of ethnic conflict and discrimination in the United States, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Theories of ethnic identify formation, ethnic conflict, the role of ethnicity in politics, and the economics of discrimination. How ethnic conflict is likely to change in the next few decades. The impact of a freer trade environment and the increasing integration of the world economy on ethnic conflict. The effectiveness of international institutions like the United Nations and NATO in preventing the reoccurrence of tragedies like Rwanda. One course.

Research in International Policy Issues

Surveys several issues displaying different forms of policy responses in various geographical regions and cultures. Examples include: competition over energy resources, design of international organization, trends of human migration, privatization of security, and patterns of economic inequality. An interdisciplinary approach with attention to political, economic and social patterns. The goal is to introduce international policy issues that remain unsolved, while understanding how present-day relationships and policies are shaped by the past.

The Documentary Experience: A Video Approach

A documentary approach to the study of local communities through video production projects assigned by the course instructor. Working closely with these groups, students explore issues or topics of concern to the community. Students complete an edited video as their final product. Not open to students who have taken this course as Film/Video/Digital 105S. One course.

Course originates in Documentary Studies.