B&I Workshop:Dan Costanzo

September 27, -
The PoliSci Behaviors and Identities workshop will be hosting a talk with Dan Costanzo from NORC. Dan's talk will be on "Reaching the 'Undercounted' in Survey Research: How NORC's AmeriSpeak Panel Tackles the Vexing Problem of Nonresponse." See below for a longer description.

Description: Researchers who conduct population surveys face escalating costs and declining response rates, as they aim to collect data that is representative, trustworthy, and publishable. Sample recruitment is often prohibitively expensive to researchers, and cheap convenience samples are fraught with representation and quality issues. NORC at the University of Chicago has built a survey panel called AmeriSpeak to help researchers navigate these choppy waters. AmeriSpeak is a probability (random) sample of US households recruited to take surveys for NORC. Dan Costanzo, a director of business development at NORC, will talk about AmeriSpeak's novel approach to panel recruitment, which includes sending field interviewers located throughout the US to the homes of non-responders to boost response. The result of NORC's rigorous efforts is a panel that delivers higher response rates and a more representative sample of US adults than mail and phone recruitment efforts alone provide. AmeriSpeak is commercially available to academic, government, media, and other researchers. Costanzo will also talk about the Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS), a federally funded program through Northwestern University that enables academic researchers to use AmeriSpeak for free.

Political Science