Exchange Programs

University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

The exchange program with the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg includes both the exchange of graduate students and an exchange of instructors.

GRADUATE LEVEL. At the graduate student level up to three students per year come to Duke from Erlangen. Duke provides support for one student to study at Erlangen. Students from Duke must have a sufficient knowledge of German to make participation in classes and research possible.

INSTRUCTOR LEVEL. At the instructor level, senior Duke graduate students typically teach one course in Erlangen during their summer semester. Teaching is in English and on a topic agreed upon with the director of the exchange program at Duke and the faculty at Erlangen.

Duke provides a stipend to defer the costs of travel, and cost of living. Students interested in participating in either program should contact the director of the Erlangen Exchange Program, Michael Gillespie.

Humboldt University Berlin

Summer Fellowships

The political/social science departments of Duke University and Humboldt University maintain an exchange under the terms of which the Duke department is entitled to send up to two graduate students each summer (late April through end of July) to Berlin, while up to two Humboldt students come to Duke for the academic year.

ELIGIBILITY. Graduate students with at least two years of grad school at Duke completed are eligible to participate. Preference will be given to those who need to conduct research in Germany and Europe for their PhD, but students working on a dissertation thesis in any field of political science will be considered. Fluency in German is not required, as you may conduct all your professional duties in English.

TASKS. Teach a small tutorial once a week (90 minutes) in English as an independent, self-designed course in comparative politics, broadly conceived. In Germany, American Politics counts as comparative politics, and courses that straddle the line between comparative politics and either political theory or international relations/international political economy are very welcome. Beyond teaching the course, students are expected to attend to their own research.

FINANCIAL ENDOWMENT. Currently, this includes an airline ticket to Berlin, fellowship and housing subsidy adding up to the current equivalent of about $4,500 at purchasing power parity.


Please send the following to Herbert Kitschelt no later than November 1:

  1. Your transcript.
  2. A brief CV.
  3. A sketch of your dissertation project or pre-dissertation research.
  4. A one-paragraph outline of a course you might want to teach at HUB.

Selections will be made in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies.