The 2019 Duke-Emory-Rochester Grad Student Conference

Presenter on stage

Duke hosted a small conference with student presenters and faculty discussants from Duke, Rochester, and Emory. This is an opportunity for students to polish work before larger conference presentations and publication submission.

Thursday, June 13

Jason Todd (Duke), "Differences of Opinion: Measuring Polarization at the U.S. Supreme Court via Bipartite Networks of Opinion Coalitions" Discussant: Mary Kroeger

Travis Curtice (Emory), "Police and Co-ethnic Bias in Autocracies: Evidence from Two Experiments in Uganda" Discussant: Erik Wibbels

Jacque Gao (Rochester), “Democratization in the Shadow of Globalization” Discussant: Cliff Carrubba

Margaret Foster (Duke), “Over Pressure: Grassroots-driven Transformation of Militant Organizations” Discussant: Danielle Jung

Friday, June 14

Abigail L. Heller (Emory), "Public Support for Electoral Reform: The Role of Electoral System Experience" Discussant: Georg Vanberg

Xiaoyan Qiu (Rochester), “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend: State Support for Rebels as a Bargaining Tool” Discussant: David Siegel

Dean Gerard Dulay (Duke), “When Running for Office Runs in the Family: Political Dynasties as Informal Coordinating Organizations” Discussant: Miguel Rueda Robayo