Cindy Jebb, Duke Alumna, nominated to historic appointment

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cindy Jebb, who received her Ph.D. in political science from Duke University in 1997, was nominated by President Obama to become the first female dean of West Point.  She has served as the head of the social science department at West Point since 2013.  Peter Feaver, former National Security Council Staff Special Advisor and current Professor of Political Science congratulates Dr. Jebb writing:

Dr. Jebb was one of the very first military fellows I had the privilege of teaching at Duke.  Now, 25 years and many more military graduate students later, I can look back and see that the impact of Duke's Political Science department has been magnified many-fold because we were able to work with generations of warrior-scholars.  Dr. Jebb has been one of the most influential of the cohort through her long service in the celebrated SOSH department at West Point.  This latest promotion positions her to play an even more critical role in preparing the next generation of military leaders.  This is great for the U.S. Military Academy and for the country -- and it is great for Duke's political science department.

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