In the News, 2022


  • John Aldrich and coauthors navigate a big question in light of gridlocked polarization, "Does America need a third party?" for Divided We Fall


  • Katelyn Mehling Ice is adapting her social science skillset to make entrepreneurial decisions for her culinary business, highlighted by the Duke Graduate School 
  • Candis Watts Smith coauthors, "What Alito’s draft gets wrong about women and political power," for the Washington Post


  • Sunshine Hillygus helps lead a discussion on how education has become a political wedge issue, on the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast
    Sunshine Hillygus on FiveThirtyEight
  • Michael Munger outlines three big conceptual problems for students of political economy to solve in the coming years, for AIER 
  • Michael Munger explains how the crisis in affordable housing is perpetuated across various housing markets and what can be done to fix it, for CNSNews
  • Milena Ozernova (T '22) is awarded a Benenson Award in the Arts this year to support and sustain their work over the summer months and help launch the graduating seniors into the next phase of their life, reports Duke Arts
  • Peter Feaver leads a large group of Duke students and faculty to Hawaii to study Pearl Harbor and contemporary military readiness, highlighted in Duke Lens
  • Nellie Sun (T '23) is awarded a Nakayama Public Service Scholarship from the Duke Office of University Scholars and Fellows, reports Duke Today 
  • Candis Watts Smith offers guidance on Black voter interests in down-ballot elections, for FiveThirtyEight 
  • Erik Wibbels and the Machine Learning for Peace team have create a new tool for tracking major incidents in Ukraine hours before media can report them, highlighted by Duke Today


  • Paula McClain is honored by a graduate student fellowship established in her name in recognition of her efforts to strengthen graduate student financial support (particularly summer Ph.D. funding) and professional development; her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; and her service as the first Black dean of a school at Duke, highlighted by the Duke Graduate School


  • McKinsey Harb, Gabriella Levy, Emily Myers, Patrick Ramjug, Lucy Right, and Stephanie Wright form a Circle of Welcome and are raising thousands of dollars to help an Afghan refugee family settle in Durham, highlighted by the Duke Graduate School
Political Science Graduate Students Help Afghan Family Start New Life in Durham
Political Science Ph.D. candidates Patrick Ramjug (right) and Emily Myers (sixth from left) spend time with members of the Afghan family they are supporting.
  • Herbert Kitschelt cites Viktor Orban as a model for a Trump return to politics, in comments for the NYTimes Opinion
  • Elliot Mamet explores new donated historical papers that highlight the emotional weight felt by jurists at the Nuremberg Trials, for the Duke Library
Dispatches from the Nuremberg Trials: The Robert P. Stewart Papers
Photograph of the Robert Stewart dispatch papers, highlighting a new perspective from the Nuremberg Trials
  • Paula McClain's pivotal role as Dean of the Duke Graduate School is celebrated in an announcement signaling the forthcoming return to her professorship roles in the Department of Political Science and the Sanford School of Public Policy, reports Duke Today
  • Leann McLaren's current project of mapping Black political behavior in the realm of social movements is profiled by the Duke Graduate School
  • Michael Munger discusses the role of online sharing platforms and the importance of triangulation, transfer, and trust in bringing down costs, for Faculti 


  • Ariadna Chuaqui (T '20) reflects on her home country of Chile and the attempt to write a new constitution, for Diario Financiero
Ariadna Chuaqui alumni
Ariadna Chuaqui wrote an honors thesis examining Chilean neoliberalism and graduated in 2020



  • Peter Feaver joins Duke colleagues who are reflecting on the anniversary of the U.S. Capitol riots, for Duke Today and expanded commentary on Duke Political Science
  • Paula McClain joins a panel to reflect on President Biden's first year in office, for the London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Rachael Myrick's op ed, "America is Back - but for How Long?" is selected by editors to be among the best of 2021, for Foreign Affairs
  • Candis Watts Smith offers commentary on how contentious the upcoming Supreme Court nomination process will be, for Roll Call


  • Jonathan Wilkins (T '14) discusses his career in the fashion industry, in Duke Arts