Political Science Course Among Fall “Transformative Ideas” Offerings

students in classroom

A new program for Duke sophomores – which launched earlier this year – will include a Political Science course this fall: “Liberalism and Its Critics” (POLSCI 247S).

The course is part of the new “Transformative Ideas” program that is designed to promote open and civil cross-disciplinary dialogue on questions and big ideas that change lives, link cultures and shape societies around the world.

“Liberalism and Its Critics” – taught by Alfredo Watkins of Political Science and Bruce Caldwell of Economics – focuses on the development of liberalism in its various instantiations through time, by examining the arguments of its critics and their various interactions. The course is cross-listed with Economics (ECON 225S).

To learn more about the “Transformative Ideas” program and view other courses offered, visit the Trinity College website.