A snapshot of graduate student scholarship - our annual report

Department Awards

Every year, the Director of Graduate Studies submits an annual report to the Duke Graduate School and this year reveals another productive round of innovative, multifaceted, other-oriented, and ambitious scholarship. Below is one snapshot to celebrate, a list of publications involving graduate students over the past year. However, this is only an incomplete snapshot of their work. Scholars should be defined by much more than countable metrics related to publications and citation counts. Scholarship is more than such countable metrics. This is a list that we hope will help us celebrate just how much our community is contributing to important research; it is not a bounded list of successfulness or productivity.

Chong Chen (with Kyle Beardsley). "Once and Future Peacemakers: Continuity of Third-Party Involvement in Civil War Peace Processes." International Peacekeeping.

Jared Clemons (with Andrea Benjamin, Ray Block, Chryl Laird and Julian Wamble), "Set in Stone? Predicting Confederate Monument Removal,” PS: Political Science.

Spencer Dorsey (with Laia Balcells and Juan Tellez). “Repression and Dissent in Contemporary Catalonia” British Journal of Political Science, forthcoming.

Spencer Dorsey, Scott de Marchi, and Michael Ensley. 2020. “Policy and the Structure of Roll Call Voting in the US House.” Journal of Public Policy.

Shahryar Minhas, Cassy Dorff, Max Gallop, Margaret Foster, Howard Liu, Juan Tellez, and Michael Ward.  “Taking Dyads Seriously.”Political Science Research Methods. (forthcoming)

Bail, C., Guay, B., Maloney, E., Combs, A., Hillygus, D.S., Merhout, F., Freelon, D., and Volfovsky, A. "Assessing the Russian Internet Research Agency's Impact on the Political Attitudes and Behaviors of American Twitter Users in Late 2017." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2019).

Valentino, N., Zirkhov, K., Hillygus, D.S., & Guay, B. "The Political Consequences of Personality Biases in Online Panel Surveys." Public Opinion Quarterly. (Forthcoming).

Dave, C., Hamre, S., Kephart, C., and Reuben, A. (2020). Subjects in the lab, activists in the field: public goods and punishment. Eurasian Econ Rev.

John Aldrich, Austin Bussing, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Nicolas Madan, Katelyn Mehling, Kristen Renberg and Hannah Ridge. "Does a Partisan Public Increase Democratic Stability?" cf. Henrik Oscarsson & Soren Holmberg, eds. Research Handbook on Political Partisanship. Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar (exp. 2020).

Jesse Lopez, “Easy as 1,2,3: Challenges of the 2020 Census,” Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy.

Andrew Kenealy, "Best Supporting Actors: Shirley Temple Black, U.S. Embassy Prague, and the Velvet Revolution of 1989," Forthcoming in the Journal of Cold War Studies.  (Not yet formally published, but it is accepted and awaiting internal copyediting and formatting.)

Devin McCarthy. "Partisanship vs. Principle: Understanding Public Opinion on Same-Day Registration," Public Opinion Quarterly.

M. Usaid Awan, Marco MorucciVittorio Orlandi, Sudeepa Roy, Cynthia Rudin, Alexander Volfovsky. 2020. “Almost-Matching-Exactly for Treatment Effect Estimation under Network Interference.” Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS).

M. Usaid Awan, Yameng Liu,  Marco Morucci, Sudeepa Roy, Cynthia Rudin, Alexander Volfovsky 2019. “Interpretable Almost-Matching-Exactly With Instrumental Variables.” Proceedings of the 35th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI).

Marco Morucci. 2020. “Almost-Matching-Exactly for Treatment Effect Estimation under Network Interference.” Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS).

Marco Morucci 2019. “Interpretable Almost-Matching-Exactly With Instrumental Variables.” Proceedings of the 35th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI).

Christopher D. Johnston & Trent Ollerenshaw, How different are cultural and economic ideology? Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 34, 94-101.

Ngoc Phan (with Edmund Malesky), "Rust removal: Why Vietnam's Anti-Corruption Efforts Have Failed to Deliver Results and What That Implies for Future Campaign,” in The Political Logics of Anti-Corruption Efforts in Asia, edited by Meredith Weiss and Cheng Chen, SUNY Press, 2019.

Emily Rains & Anirudh Krishna (2020). Precarious gains: social mobility and volatility in urban slums. World Development.

Anirudh Krishna, Emily Rains & Erik Wibbels (2020). Negotiating Informality– Ambiguity, Intermediation, and a Patchwork of Outcomes in Slums of Bengaluru. The Journal of Development Studies.

Emily Rains & Anirudh Krishna (2019). Will urbanization raise social mobility in the South, replicating the economic history of the West? UNU-WIDER Working Paper No. 102. Helsinki, Finland.

Finholt, Ben, Brandon L. Garrett, Karima Modjadidi, and Kristen M. Renberg. “Juvenile Life Without Parole in North Carolina.” Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 110, no. 2 (2020): 141-179. 

Brandon L. Garrett, Karima Modjadidi, Travis Seale-Carlisle, and Kristen M. Renberg. “Life Without Parole Sentencing‚” North Carolina Law Review. (conditionally accepted) 

Kristen Renberg (with Joshua Y. Lerner and Mathew D. McCubbins). The Efficacy of Measuring Judicial Ideal Points: The Mis-Analogy of IRTs International Review of Law and Economics. (conditionally accepted) 

Kristen Renberg (with Stuart Minor Benjamin). “The Paradoxical Impact of Scalia’s Campaign Against Legislative History,” Cornell Law Review.  (forthcoming)

Kristen Renberg. “The Transmission of Precedent in the U.S. Courts of Appeals,” in Open Judicial Politics: An Empirical Reader, eds. Jennifer Segal Diascro, Rorie L. Solberg, and Eric N. Waltenburg. Oregon State University Open Textbook Initiative. (forthcoming)

Ridge, Hannah M. "Effect of Religious Legislation on Religious Behavior: The Ramadan Fast." Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion 15, no. 8 (2019): 2.

Saijo, Harunobu. 2020. “The effects of electoral anticipation on portfolio allocation,” Party Politics.

Smith, Candis Watts, Tehama Lopez Bunyasi, and Jasmine Carrera Smith. "Linked fate over time and across generations." Politics, Groups, and Identities 7.3 (2019): 684-694.

Jeremy Spater. “Exposure and Preferences: Evidence from Indian Slums.”American Journal of Political Science.

Isak Tranvik and Jeremy Spater. "The Protestant Ethic Re-Examined." Comparative Political Studies.

Todd, Jason Douglas and Georg Vanberg. Forthcoming. “Automated Text Analysis in Judicial Politics.” In Diana Kapiszewski and Matthew Ingram, eds., Concepts, Data, and Methods in Comparative Law and Politics. Comparative Constitutional Law and Policy. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Ramos, Jennifer M. and Priscilla Torres. 2020. "The Right Transmission: Understanding Global Diffusion of the Far-Right". Populism. 3: 87-120.

Isak Tranvik and Sam Bagg. "An Adversarial Ethics for Campaigns and Elections." Perspectives on Politics.

Hoyos, Carlos and Villamizar-Chaparro, Mateo (2019) "La implementacion de los Acuerdos de Paz: Un balance legislativo durante 2017". InExcombatientes y acuerdo de paz con las FARC-EP en Colombia, edited by Angelika Rettberg and Erin McFee. Ediciones Uniandes.

Jan P. Vogler. 2019. “Imperial Rule, the Imposition of Bureaucratic Institutions, and Their Long-Term Legacies.” World Politics, Vol. 71, No. 4 (October 2019), pp. 806-863.

Jan P. Vogler. 2019. “The Entanglement of Public Bureaucratic Institutions: Their Interactions with Society, Culture, Politics, and the Economy.” In: Interdisciplinary Studies of the Political Order: New Applications of Public Choice Theory. Edited by Donald J. Boudreaux, Christopher J. Coyne, and Bobbi Herzberg. Rowman & Littlefield International, pp. 99-129.

Jan P. Vogler. 2020 (Forthcoming). “The Political Economy of the European Union: An Exploration of EU Institutions and Governance from the Perspective of Polycentrism.” In: The Political Economy and Social Philosophy of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom. Edited by Peter Boettke, Bobbi Herzberg, and Brian Kogelmann. Rowman & Littlefield International.