What can we expect on Nov. 8, and after?

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Professor Michael Munger said for Trump to win, voter turnout would need to be low. He called Clinton’s support “broad but shallow,” adding he expects Trump supporters will show up on Election Day.

He said it’s also possible that polls might not be picking up on some voter sentiments that could impact the election. 

If the Republicans do lose the presidency, it will force them to contemplate their future ahead of the 2020 election, said professor John Aldrich, who specializes in American politics and behavior. And, because they had won, the Democrats would likely delay such a self-examination, which could potentially hurt them long-term.

Aldrich said control of the Senate looks like a toss-up. He said if Clinton is elected and the Democrats retake control of the Senate, look for an expansion of current rules that limit filibustering so that Supreme Court justices can be selected.

Assistant professor Ashley Jardina, whose research includes racial attitudes of voters, does wonder what might happen to Trump voters if Clinton were to win. “Where do they go? This group has been even more marginalized; Clinton called them deplorables.”

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