Year in Review: Awards and Recognition, 2019 - 2020


Our faculty, graduate and undergraduate students work tirelessly to produce research on some of the most pressing issues facing the world.  From college class papers to career capstone achievements, seeing the awards and recognition listed together reminds us that excellent work takes time, and that opportunities to excel are spread out across a lifetime.  

John Aldrich and David Rohde win the 2019 APSA Barbara Sinclair Legacy Award.

Breanna Bradham, Robert Carlson, David Frisch, Lama Hantash, Maximilian Moser, Frencesca Philips, Julian Searby, Esha Shah, Kevin Solomon, Elise Sweezy received Department Awards at graduation.

Kyle Beardsley was awarded the Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at The Australian National University.  He also received the GPSC Inclusivity Award from the Duke Graduate & Professional Student Council. Students and alumni reflect on Kyle’s leadership in this Duke Political Science News.

Mateo Villamizar Chaparro received a 2020 Bass Connections Student Research Award.

Chong Chen received the 2019 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad.

Haohan Chen’s M.A. thesis was awarded the 2020 BEST Award for Master’s Research, from the Duke Dept. of Statistical Science.

Chengyu Fu was awarded the department’s Outstanding MA Thesis Award.

Ashley Jardina was awarded a SSSHARC International Fellowship at the University of Sydney. Her book, White Identity Politics, won the 2020 Robert E. Lane Award for the best book in political psychology and has been selected as a finalist for the Prose Award from the Association of American Publishers.  

Ana Montoya was awarded the USIP Jennings Randolph Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellowship.

Paula McClain was awarded the university's title of James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Political Science.

Rachel Myrick was awarded the 2019 Stuart A. Bremer Award from the Peace Science Society (International).

Charlie Nathan was awarded the department’s Outstanding Preliminary Exam Award.

Victoria Paniagua has won the 2019 Macur Olson Best Dissertation Award for her dissertation from the Political Economy Section of APSA.

Stefanie Pousoulides was awarded the 2019 Best Undergraduate Paper Award, from the NCPSA.

Jeremy Spater was awarded the department’s Outstanding Dissertation Award.

David Soskice was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Georg Vanberg has been awarded the Ernestine Friedl Distinguished Professor of Political Science.

Pei-Yu Wei was awarded the department’s Outstanding Preliminary Exam Award.