Ashley E Jardina

Ashley E Jardina

Assistant Professor of Political Science

External Address: 
140 Science Drive, Durham, NC 27708
American Politics, Behavior Identities

Ashley Jardina (Michigan PH.D. 2014) is an Assistant Professor of Political Science. Her research explores the nature of racial attitudes, the development of group identities, and the way in which these factors influence political preferences and behavior. She is primarily interested in how Americans are responding to increasing diversity, and her current project explores the conditions under which white racial identification and white consciousness among white Americans is a salient and significant predictor of policies, candidates, and attitudes toward racial and ethnic groups. She is also interested in the study of gender and politics. Her dissertation won the 2015 American Political Science Association award for the best dissertation in race and ethnic politics. 


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan at Ann Arbor 2014

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