Frequently Asked Questions

I have declared political science as a major. How do I select my faculty advisor?

The department will receive notification of your declaration from the registrar’s office. Within 48 hours, the department will send you a form requesting your choices for an advisor. We recommend that you choose someone that does research in the field that you have selected as your major concentration. If you have questions about selecting an advisor, please contact Tosha Marshall, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, at

What are the different fields of study within the political science major?

The undergraduate political science curriculum at Duke is divided into six fields of study.

Do political science courses taken while studying abroad or at another university count towards my major?

Two approved political science courses taken abroad or at another college may be counted towards the major.

How do I know what courses fall under each field of study?

Please visit the Fields of Study page for the courses and their field designations.

How many cross-listed courses can be counted towards the political science major?

There is no limit on the number of cross-listed courses you can use towards the major.

How do I take an independent study course?

To arrange an independent study course, you would first consult with the professor you would like to supervise your work. Once you have decided on a project, you fill out an independent study form and return it to Tosha Marshall in 216A Gross Hall. She will distribute the course permission number needed to register for the course in ACES.

I have decided to change my major concentration. Who do I contact?

Contact Tosha Marshall, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, at