After junior year as Duke Political Science major, German student wins Rhodes Scholarship

Monday, December 19, 2016

Timur Ohloff only spent one year as an undergraduate at Duke, but it was an important piece of the German student’s successful application for a 2017 Rhodes Scholarship.

A graduate of Freie Universität Berlin with a B.A. in North American Studies and Political Science, Ohloff spent his junior year at Duke studying political polarization in America. His senior thesis, for which he conducted a national survey experiment, examined how politics affects people's partner preferences.

"I am incredibly grateful for all that Duke has made possible in my life,” Ohloff said. “I wouldn't be here today without the intellectually inspiring environment I've shared with my fellow students, friends, and teachers at the political science department.

“A heartfelt thanks to my professors and mentors for supporting me ever since - especially to John Aldrich, Sunshine Hillygus, David Rohde and Danielle Thomsen. I look forward to representing Duke proudly within the Rhodes Class of 2017."

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