Duke University Political Science

Why Major in Political Science? 

Our students are trained to tackle the greatest political questions of our time. Politics permeate every aspect of our life, from local funding for public education to global challenges such as poverty and terrorism.  When you study political science you gain practical knowledge and conceptual tools to pursue careers in law, business, journalism, public service, and education.

As a political science major, you will have the chance to complete a curriculum of study in one of the top political science departments in the country. The introductory courses give students a broad, solid grounding in the discipline.  In the more advanced courses, students interact and work closely with a diverse faculty engaged in cutting-edge research.  Current faculty projects include, for example, the challenge of democratic transition, the persistence of inequality in democracies, and the impact of the media on voter behavior.  In their junior and senior years, students pursue independent studies and senior research projects to hone critical skills.  Beyond the campus, students can integrate internships and study abroad programs to gain real-world experience.

Students who major in political science will think analytically about public affairs, and will emerge better prepared to make professional choices.

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