Democrats lining up to run against Republican congressman in Raleigh suburbs - David Rohde interviewed for McClatchy newspapers

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"Infuriated by President Donald Trump’s election victory and energized by the possibility of an anti-Republican wave in 2018, Democratic candidates are lining up for challenges all over the country, including in North Carolina’s Research Triangle."

“It’s not a district where you would think the Democrats have a good chance in. It could be the kind of disastrous year where those kinds of districts become vulnerable,” said David Rohde, a political science professor at Duke University.

"Rohde said challengers need not outraise the incumbent, but they must be able to raise enough to run credible campaigns."

“If things continue to indicate that the president has weak public support, then the Democrats will continue to believe they have a shot at taking the House. I would expect the amount of outside money and party money to not just be record-breaking, but record-breaking by a lot,” Rohde said.

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