A simple fix to encourage bipartisanship in the House - Georg Vanberg writes for The Hill

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

American politics appears broken. The Republican Party, which is in control of Congress and the presidency, is internally fractured and incapable of advancing a coherent policy agenda. Moderation and compromise, especially across party lines, are political minefields few politicians dare cross.

The budget process has become a game of chicken and Washington is unable to address pressing public issues. The current healthcare fiasco is Exhibit A: Held hostage by the fringe of their party, Republican leaders are unable to attempt a reasonable, bipartisan compromise.

What if a simple fix could encourage a return to bipartisanship? An obscure — though critical — element of the current logjam is the rules by which the Speaker of the House of Representatives can be dismissed. Any member can bring a motion “to declare the chair vacant.”

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