Vice News interviews Michael Munger

Friday, January 22, 2016

Michael Munger, a political science professor at Duke University, points out that there's not much difference between Hillary hitting the dab on Ellen and Bill Clinton hitting the sax on The Arsenio Hall Show back in 1992. The problem for Hillary, Munger said, is that her campaign's gimmicky voter outreach seems to have taken the place of a broader argument for her candidacy.

"Clinton either can't be bothered or just isn't able to come up with principles that unify the interest groups that are stitched together into the Democratic coalition," Munger said. In lieu of a unifying message or a vision for the country, her campaign seems to be courting individual groups piecemeal, in ways that show little actual interest in the unique issues each group faces. The campaign is all signifier, nothing signified.

"When it's that obvious," Munger added, "it really turns people off."

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