Patricia Lee

Patricia Lee

2012 Major: Political Science; Minor, International Comparative Studies; Certificate, Policy Journalism & Media Studies

Current Employer: The New York Times — New York, New York

How has being a Political Science graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

It's taught me to be a better thinker and communicator. It's also provided me with a lot of different contexts with which to think about the world. Though the specific material I learned isn't directly applicable, the way my professors encouraged me to do research, to question, and to present and defend ideas are all skills I use very often in my work.

What advice would you give students in Political Science?

Study what you want to and don't be afraid that your specific academic studies won't be immediately relevant. All of my programs put together have brought me to where I am today and has made me a stronger thinker, more disciplined worker, more effective communicator, and someone who is more easily able to see things from another's perspective. Choose a discipline that will challenge you, and don't be afraid to take hard classes - they will only make you smarter and more inspired.