International Relations

Number Title Codes
POLSCI 110 Critical Approaches to Global Issues CCI, W, CZ, SS
POLSCI 160D Introduction to Security, Peace and Conflict CCI, SS
POLSCI 175 Introduction to Political Philosophy EI, SS
POLSCI 175D Introduction to Political Philosophy EI, SS
POLSCI 217 Discovering Game Theory: Social Complexity and Strategic Interdependence QS, SS
POLSCI 231D Introduction to Tools of Political Risk Analysis SS
POLSCI 232 Introduction to Terrorism CCI, SS
POLSCI 233 Nuclear Weapons: US Foreign Policy and the Challenges of Global Proliferation STS, SS
POLSCI 237 Religion and Foreign Policy CCI, EI, CZ, SS
POLSCI 254S The US Intelligence Enterprise EI, SS
POLSCI 259 Russia in the World: From Cold War to Putin's Wars CCI, CZ, SS
POLSCI 274S Race and Society: South Africa and the US, 1890-present CCI, EI, CZ, SS
POLSCI 277D The Ethics of War: Self-Defense, Humanitarian Intervention, Terrorism and Law EI, SS
POLSCI 317 Global Corruption CCI, SS
POLSCI 321 International Law and International Institutions CCI, R, W, SS
POLSCI 322 Introduction to Middle East Politics CCI, EI, CZ, SS
POLSCI 324S Chinese Politics CCI, SS
POLSCI 332 Games and Politics QS, SS
POLSCI 350 International Political Economy CCI, R, SS
POLSCI 352S U.S. Policy in the Middle East CCI, EI, SS
POLSCI 361 Political and Criminal Armed Groups CCI, SS
POLSCI 362 International Security EI, STS, SS
POLSCI 364 Political Violence, Repression, and Organized Crime CCI, SS
POLSCI 365D Foreign Policy of the United States CCI, SS
POLSCI 402S Origins of WWI and WWII in Europe R, SS
POLSCI 428S International Conflict Resolution W, SS
POLSCI 505S Race in Comparative Perspective CCI, SS
POLSCI 668S Theory and Practice of International Security R, SS