Major & Minor Requirements

Major Requirements (10 Courses)

NOTE: Students who have completed POLSCI 130D Introduction to Political Inquiry may count this course as 1 of the 3 elective courses.”

  • Foundation Courses
    • STA 101 Data Analysis and Statistical Inference OR Higher Level 
    • One of the following:
        POLSCI 175FS Freedom and Responsibility
        POLSCI 180FS Hierarchy and Spontaneous Order: The Nature of Freedom in Political and Economic Organizations
        POLSCI 175 Introduction to Political Philosophy
        POLSCI 275 Left, Right and Center
  • Two courses AND a capstone course (3 courses total) selected from one of the following Fields of Study:
    • Political Economy (PE)
    • Political Behavior and Identities (BI)
    • Political Institutions (PI)
    • Political Methodology (M)
    • Political Theory (N)
    • Security, Peace and Conflict (SPC)
  • Two courses selected from a second field
  • Three elective courses taught by the political science department, or approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies

Track your project toward degree:


    Minor Requirements (5 Courses)

    • At least two courses at the 300 or higher level
    • Four courses must be Duke courses taught by a member of the political science instructional staff