Ph.D.s for Hire

Ngoc Phan portrait
Research & Teaching Interests

Political Economy

Marco Morucci portrait
Research & Teaching Interests

Political Methodology and Political Economy

Brian Guay portrait
Research & Teaching Interests

American Politics, Political Behavior, and Public Opinion

Zeren Li
Research & Teaching Interests

Political Economy, Business-State Relations, Bureaucracy, Good overnance, and Authoritarian Politics

Elliot Mamet portrait
Research & Teaching Interests

American Political Development, Incarceration and Democracy, Theories of Representation, and Ancient Political Thought

Chris Kennedy
Research & Teaching Interests

Political Theory

Hannah Ridge portrait
Research & Teaching Interests

Comparative Politics, Political Institutions, Religion & Politics

Robert Allred portrait
Research & Teaching Interests

National security, intelligence, and foreign policy

Gabriel Madson
Research & Teaching Interests

American Politics, Behavior Identities, Methods

Graduate Studies in Political Science

The Political Science Department at Duke places graduate research and training at the core of its mission. Three features define our approach to graduate education: ambition, innovation, and rigor. Our students explore questions ranging from the micro political economy of development, to the origins of state capacity, the relationship between ethnicity and conflict, the interplay between religion, money, and politics, or the ability of voters to articulate preferences in complex issue spaces.

Emphasis on Theoretical & Methodological Research Skills

Led by a devoted group of scholars at the cutting edge of their respective fields, Duke graduates are pushed from the very beginning to tackle challenging problems with the most suitable theoretical and methodological skills. This requires constant innovation and curiosity, both within political science and across the disciplines. We pride ourselves of our ability to work with and benefit from departments across the social sciences to ensure our students have access to the appropriate tools to tackle questions at the frontier of the discipline. With this goal in mind, our students learn very early on to work with and collaborate with faculty in creative and rigorous ways.

Our goal is to produce scholars capable of pushing the frontiers of the discipline over the course of their careers. Across all of our fields, we help students develop their best work. Our students achieve placement in the very best academic, public, and commercial organizations.