Qualifying Procedure

To advance towards candidacy for the doctorate, you must pass a qualifying procedure. This exam determines whether you have attained a firm command of the literature in your first major field. It may include both a written and oral component, depending on your major field and your examination committee. The major field chair will certify that you have completed all the required coursework for that major field.

Exam Timeline

The qualifying procedure must be successfully completed no later than September 30 of the third year of your graduate study. Students typically take their qualifying exam at the end of the spring semester of the second year.

Process When Qualifying Procedure is Failed

If you fail in your first attempt at the qualifying procedure, the qualifying examination committee may vote to give you a second opportunity to take the exam. The timing for retaking the exam will be at the discretion of the major fields, but must be consistent with the final deadline of June 30th of the third year of your graduate study. Failing the procedure a second time will result in being dismissed from the program.