Political Economy

Number Title Codes
POLSCI 102 The Science of Politics SS
POLSCI 114 From Voting to Protests: Introduction to Political Attitudes, Groups and Behaviors CCI, SS
POLSCI 125D Introduction to Global Development: Politics, Policy and Practice CCI, SS
POLSCI 128 Climate Change: A Political Economy Perspective STS, SS
POLSCI 145 Introduction to Political Economy EI, SS
POLSCI 146 Politics and Economics SS
POLSCI 175 Introduction to Political Philosophy EI, SS
POLSCI 175D Introduction to Political Philosophy EI, SS
POLSCI 217 Discovering Game Theory: Social Complexity and Strategic Interdependence QS, SS
POLSCI 224 Inequality and Politics SS
POLSCI 228 Politics of Authoritarian Regimes CCI, R, SS
POLSCI 229 Institutions and Self Governance CCI, CZ, SS
POLSCI 258D From Machine Learning to Ethnography: Puzzles and Approaches to International Development CCI, SS
POLSCI 290 Special Topics in Political Science
POLSCI 290S Special Topics in Political Science
POLSCI 301S Illiberal Nondemocracies: Focus on Eastern Europe and Asia CCI, CZ, SS
POLSCI 315S Political Economy of Financial Crises SS
POLSCI 317 Global Corruption CCI, SS
POLSCI 327S The Economic and Political Performance of Civilizations CCI, R, CZ, SS
POLSCI 330 Quantitative Political Inquiry and Evaluation QS, SS
POLSCI 333S Democracy and Social Choice CCI, QS, SS
POLSCI 335S Economic, Political, and Social Institutions CCI, SS
POLSCI 338 Political Economy of South East Asia CCI, EI, SS
POLSCI 340D The Modern Regulatory State EI, R, CZ, SS
POLSCI 342 Strategy and Politics QS, SS
POLSCI 346 Business, Politics, and Economic Growth CCI, SS
POLSCI 349 Political Economy of Latin America CCI, SS
POLSCI 350 International Political Economy CCI, R, SS
POLSCI 351 Economic History and Modernization of the Islamic Middle East CCI, W, CZ, SS
POLSCI 353 Globalization of Democracy CCI, SS
POLSCI 356 Comparative Health Care Systems CCI, EI, SS
POLSCI 368S Contemporary South Africa CCI, CZ, SS
POLSCI 376S Inequality in the United States
POLSCI 384 Inequality in Western Political Thought CCI, EI, CZ, SS
POLSCI 403D Introduction to Tools of Political Risk Analysis SS
POLSCI 497S-6 Senior Seminar in Political Economy SS
POLSCI 506S Theorists of Modern Politics: Marx, Durkheim, Weber CCI, SS
POLSCI 517S Democratic Institutions CCI, R, SS
POLSCI 687S Classics of Political Economy EI, R, CZ, SS