May Sunshine Hillygus has been awarded an Andrew Carnegie Fellowship Gabriella Levy (Ph.D. '23) has won the Best Dissertation Award for American Political Science Human Rights Section Elliot Mamet and Austin Bussing. 2024. "Race, Democracy, and Empire: Delegates to Congress from DC and the Territories." Polity. Leann Mclaren (Ph.D. '24) has accepted the position as a Provost Postdoctoral Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University  Brandily, Paul, Eric Mvukiyehe, Lodewijk Smets, Peter van der Windt… read more about Recent Scholarship & Milestones »

Eric Mvukiyehe tills his home garden in Durham, N.C. (Nya Lichaé McCray / Trinity Communications) Eric Mvukiyehe shifted in his seat. “Yeah, so that was a little bit traumatic, that day.” Years before he became an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, he was studying medicine at the University of Kinshasa in The Republic of Zaire. On June 7, 1996, students protested the kleptocracy of President Mobutu Sese Seko on campus. Gunfire from Mobutu’s military scrambled… read more about Flowers Beyond War: Eric Mvukiyehe Cultivates Peace Studying Sub-State Violence »

Congratulations to the political science Class of 2024. Adriane Fresh offered a warm welcome to our graduating class while professor Nicholas Eubank was ready with signage to support the processional flow of graduating students. Professor Pablo Beramendi introduced the keynote speaker - our 2024 distinguished alumni award recipient, Adam Chodikoff. Chodikoff is a senior producer at The Daily Show. Chodikoff offered… read more about Class of 2024 - Congratulations! »

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Sunshine Hillygus is one of twenty-eight scholars in the 2024 Class of Andrew Carnegie Fellows, the Carnegie Corporation of New York announced today. The associated $200,000 stipend will support her research that seeks to understand how and why American society has become so polarized and how to support healthy democratic discourse.   Carnegie’s choice this year to focus on political polarization attracted more than 360 applications, which they report is a record… read more about Sunshine Hillygus Earns Recognition for Research in Political Polarization and Social Media »

Five Duke faculty have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. The NAS elected a total of 120 new members and 24 new international members.  The new NAS members from Duke are: John Aldrich, PhD, Pfizer Inc./Edmund T. Pratt Jr. University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Political Science. His scholarship focuses on American politics and elections. David Beratan… read more about Four Trinity Faculty Elected to National Academy of Sciences »

Suzie Choi is a graduating senior from Seoul, Korea studying International Comparative Studies with a Political Science minor and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate (I&E). On campus, Choi served as the Vice President of the Social Impact Committee at Business Oriented Women (BOW), as the Co-Vice President of Duke’s UNICEF-Durham Affairs Committee, as a I&E Student Fellow and as a flutist at the Duke Flute Studio.   Choi’s keen interest in locally led international development led her to a… read more about Suzie Choi Would Like You to Pursue Everything »

Senior Kristin Zhu was selected for the competitive James C. Gaither Junior Fellowship at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Each year, the James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program offers approximately 14 one-year fellowships to qualified graduating seniors and recent graduates. Gaither Junior Fellows work as research assistants to Carnegie’s senior scholars. The Gaither Fellowships begin on Sept. 1, and fellows serve full-time positions for one year. A public policy… read more about Kristin Zhu Wins Gaither Junior Fellowship »

Duke University has awarded distinguished professorships to 32 faculty and will recognize them in a ceremony at the Washington Duke Inn on May 23. “I am very pleased to honor these faculty members with distinguished professorships,” said President Vincent Price. “Their outstanding scholarship has advanced knowledge across a wide variety of fields and made a positive impact on society, and I am proud to have them as colleagues.” Distinguished professorships honor faculty who are well-established members of the Duke… read more about Five Trinity Faculty Members Among Those Awarded New Distinguished Professorships for 2024 »

“Let me first begin by saying that I was a graduate student when Ole Holsti was a professor here,” Edmund Malesky. said from the lectern where he was awarding the Ole R. Holsti Prize in Political Science and Public Policy from the Duke University Libraries. “He was one of the most creative and thoughtful people I knew in terms of his understanding of the global political economy. I think that he would also be really excited to have seen Axelle’s paper.”  Axelle Miel, a graduating senior, received this year’s Holsti… read more about Axelle Miel’s Dedication to the Philippines Leads to Research Award  »

Duke senior Chloe Nguyen, from Las Vegas, Nev., and recent alumnus Christopher (Chris) Kuo, from Wellesley, Mass., received the George J. Mitchell Scholarship. They are two of the 12 Americans selected this weekend for the program, which supports a year of graduate study in Ireland. This year, nearly 350 students applied for the scholarship, named in honor of U.S. Sen. George Mitchell’s contributions to the Northern Ireland peace process. Recipients are chosen based on academic distinction, leadership, and service. “I am… read more about Duke Senior, Alumnus Win Mitchell Scholarships »