Ph.D. Alumni Placements

We are ranked as a Top 10 research department and our graduate program has an excellent job placement record. Over the past decade, 70% of our PhD graduates have gone on to attain tenure-track positions, and many other students have become leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. 

Where Our Students Go


  • Joseph Brown, Squadron Commander, United States Air Force
  • Chong Chen, Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University
  • Dean Dulay, Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University
  • Margaret Foster, Post-doc, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • Ida Hjermitslev, Post-doc, University of Vienna
  • Howard Liu, Lecturer, University of Essex (after a post-doc, Penn State University)
  • Devin McCarthy, Post-doc, University of Oklahoma
  • Soomin Oh, Post-doc, Development Engagement Lab at University of Birmingham and University College London 
  • Jordan Roberts, Assistant Professor, Coastal Carolina University
  • Jason Todd, Assistant Professor, Duke Kunshan University


  • Haohan Chen, Post-doc, NYU (after a post-doc at UPenn)
  • Eric Cheng, Post-doc, University of Toronto
  • Trang Anh Do, Data Scientist, Nielsen
  • Libby Jenke, Assistant Professor, University of Houston
  • David Kearney, Data Scientist, CVS Health
  • Antong Liu, Post-doc, Brown University
  • Nura Sediqe, Post-doc, Princeton University
  • Jeremy Spater, Post-doc, Princeton University
  • Juan Tellez, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina
  • Jan Vogler, Post-doc, UVA
  • Kaitlyn Webster, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina - Charlotte


  • Kathryn Alexander, Assistant Professor, Wheaton College
  • Andrew Ballard, Assistant Processor, American University
  • Asli Cansunar, Post-doc, Oxford University
  • Noa Cnaan-On, Analyst, Facebook Research
  • Victoria Dounoucos, Survey Methodologist, RTI
  • Patrick Howell, Director, Modern War Institute, US Military Academy
  • Fengming Lu, Lecturer, Australian National University
  • Victoria Paniagua, Lecturer at the London School of Economics
  • Austin Wang, Assistant Professor, UNLV


  • Samuel Bagg, Post-doc, McGill University
  • Cindy Cheng, Post-doc, Bavarian School of Public Policy
  • Matthew Cole, Preceptor, Harvard University
  • Michael Hawley, Post-doc, Notre Dame
  • Sophie Jiseon Lee, Instructor, Metropolitan College of New York
  • Joshua Lerner, Post-doc, Northwestern University
  • Alicia Martinez, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M-San Antonio
  • Ben Radford, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  • Anna Schultz, Post-doc, University of Pennsylvania


  • Melina Altamirano, Assistant Professor, El Colegio de México (Colmex)
  • Daren Beattie, Instructor, Duke University
  • Andrew Bell, Assistant Professor, Indiana University
  • Jared Daugherty, Director of Grants, Shaw University
  • Mark Dudley, Admissions Officer, Duke University
  • Thomas Gift, Assistant Professor, University College London
  • Rebecca Hatch, Research Analyst, Tufts University
  • Laura Frankel, Associate, Benenson Strategy Group
  • Taneisha Means, Assistant Professor, Vassar College
  • Raymond Mercado, Post-doc, George Mason University
  • Shahryar Minhas, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University


  • Dominique Dery, Healthy Communities Specialist, Transplanting Traditions
  • Cassy Dorff, Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico
  • Max Gallop, Lecturer, University of Strathclyde
  • Florian Hollenbach, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
  • Daniel Krcmaric, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
  • Aaron Roberts, Consultant, CEB 
  • Simon Weschle, Assistant Professor, Syracuse University


  • Benjamin Barber, Assistant Professor, Instituto de Empresa Business School
  • Seth Cantey, Assistant Professor, Washington and Lee University
  • Sandra Ley Guiterrez, Assistant Professor, Centro de Investigacion Docencia Economica (CIDE)
  • Nathaniel Harris, M.D. Program, Duke University Medical School
  • Aaron Houck, AP edX Assessment Coordinator, Davidson College
  • Danielle Lupton, Assistant Professor, Colgate University
  • Jonathan Schwartz, Post-doc, The Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy, University of Wisconsin
  • William Wittels, Research Analyst, The Tobin Project


  • Bradford Bishop, Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University
  • Aaron King, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina – Wilmington
  • Charles Miller, Lecturer, Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University
  • Brittany Perry, Instructional Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
  • Ionut Popescu, Assistant Professor, Regent University
  • Yi-Ting Wang, Assistant Professor, National Cheng Kung University
  • Sean Zeigler, Associate Political Scientist, RAND Corporation


  • Jessica Carew, Post-doc/Assistant Professor, Elon University
  • Cristina Corduneanu, Assistant Professor, Central European University
  • Christopher Desante, Assistant Professor, Indiana University
  • Marco Fernandez, Research Director at Mexico Evalua
  • Kent Freeze, Assistant Professor, Carleton College
  • Melanie Freeze, Visiting Professor, Wesleyan University
  • Elda Becerra Mizuno, Coordinadora de Opinion Publica de la Presidencia
  • Jan Pierskalla, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
  • David Rice, Adjunct, Connecticut College
  • Arturas Rozenas, Assistant Professor, New York University
  • Richard Salsman, Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University
  • Lenka Siroky, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
  • David Sparks, Director of Basketball Analytics, Boston Celtics


  • James Bourke, Teacher, Washington International School
  • Keegan Callanan, Assistant Professor, Middlebury College
  • Kathryn Cochran, Visiting Lecturer, American University
  • Nora Hanagan, Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University
  • Benjamin Hertzberg, Visiting Assistant Professor, Emory University
  • Kiril Kolev, Assistant Professor, Hendrix University
  • Jacob Montogomery, Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Amber Diaz Pearson, Post-doctoral Fellow, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University
  • Lucas Perkins, Self-employed, Start-Up IT Business
  • Anoop Sadanandan, Assistant Professor, Syracuse University
  • Eugene Walton, Postdoctoral Fellow, Pennsylvania State University
  • Candis Watts Smith, Associate Professor, Penn State University


  • Ali Aslam, Visiting Instructor, Princeton University
  • Nazli Avdan, Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
  • Bruno Borges, Assistant Professor, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Stefan Dolgert, Associate Professor, Brock University
  • William English, Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
  • David McIvor, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University
  • Kian Ong, Member of Parliament, Malaysia (formerly Instructor, UCSI University)
  • Damon Palmer, Principal, Promontory Financial Group, New York
  • Sinziana Popa, Post-doc, Wharton School of Business
  • Nicholas Troester, Quality Control Editor, Research Square
  • Mark Yeisley, Assistant Professor, Maxwell Air Force


  • Michael Brady, Assistant Professor, Denison University
  • Anne Flaherty, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville
  • Laura Grattan, Assistant Professor, Wellesley College
  • Haifeng Huang, Assistant Professor, University of California Merced
  • Daniel Kselman, Junior Research Fellow, Juan March Institute
  • Ming-Whey Lee, Assistant Professor, St. John's College
  • Jie Lu, Assistant Professor, American University
  • Ian McDonald, Visiting Professor, Portland State University
  • Brendan Nyhan, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College
  • Joel Schlosser, Assistant Professor, Bryn Mawr College
  • David Siroky, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University


  • Mark Axelrod, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
  • Jorge Bravo, Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
  • Matthew Fehrs, Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College
  • Daniel Lee, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
  • Monique Lyle, Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
  • Efrén Pérez, Professor, University of California - Los Angeles
  • Philipp Rehm, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
  • Jill Rickershauser, Assistant Professor, American University
  • Shanaysha Sauls, School Board Chair, Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Timothy Warren, Senior Director, Legislative Programs, General Dynamics Information Technology, Washington, DC (formerly Assistant Professor, Naval Postgraduate School)


  • Niambi Carter, Assistant Professor, Purdue University
  • Ashwini Chhatre, Assistant Professor, University Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • Lindsay Cohn, Senior Assistant Professor, Naval War College
  • Victoria DeFrancesco, Adjunct Professor, Fellow & Senior Analyst, University of Texas
  • Matthew Singer, Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut
  • Christopher Whytock, Associate Professor, School of Law, University of Utah
  • Dennis Yeates, Post-doc, Stanford Law School


  • Brett Benson, Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University
  • Adam Brinegar, Research Leader, Corporate Leadership Council, Corporate Executive Board (CEB)
  • William Curtis, Assistant Professor, University of Portland
  • Gerald Digiusto, Visiting Instructor, Bowdoin College
  • Seth Jolly, Assistant Professor, Syracuse University
  • Alisa Kessel, Assistant Professor, University of Puget Sound
  • Yoonkyung Lee, Assistant Professor, SUNY, Binghamton
  • Amy McKay, Assistant Professor, Georgia State University
  • Jason Reifler, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter
  • Michael Tofias, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
  • John Zachman, Assistant Professor, Northwestern Michigan College


  • Ericka Albaugh, Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College
  • Philip Brendese, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins
  • Kevin Morrison, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
  • Shayla Nunnally, Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut
  • Dennis Rasmussen, Assistant Professor, Tufts University
  • Thomas Scotto, Professor of Government, University of Essex
  • Seth Weinberger, Associate Professor, University of Puget Sound