The dissertation prospectus is a proposed plan for your doctoral research. It will be reviewed by your committee, who will provide constructive feedback to help shape your research plan. There are no department-level requirements for the format of the prospectus. Rather, each student should meet with their primary advisor(s) and their committee members to discuss what is expected.

Timeline for Prospectus Development and Defense

The student will develop a dissertation prospectus during the Fall semester of their third year. A final document must be submitted to the student’s current dissertation committee (consisting of at least faculty) and the DGS by December 1st.

The student must hold a meeting with the dissertation committee by December 15th to discuss the prospectus. Based on this meeting, the committee will make recommendations to the student for how to use the Spring semester wisely. This may entail getting started on the dissertation, expanding or reworking the prospectus, or both.

The student will hold another meeting with their committee by May 15th of their third year to discuss their progress as it relates to the committee’s December recommendations and to plan for their fourth year.