The Politics of Advanced Capitalism

Pablo Beramendi, Silja Häusermann, Herbert Kitschelt, and Hanspeter Kriest (editors)


Cambridge University Press

During the last decades, the structural environment of advanced capitalist democracies has undergone profound changes: sweeping deindustrialization, tertiarization of the employment structure, and demographic developments. This book provides a synthetic view allowing the reader to grasp the nature of these structural transformations and their consequences in terms of the politics of change, policy outputs, and outcomes.

In contrast to functionalist and structuralist approaches, Beramendi, Duke associate professor of political science, and Kitschelt, Duke professor of international relations, with their co-editors advocate for a “return of electoral and coalitional politics” to political economy research, providing an analysis of the major challenges advanced capitalist democracies face today.

This book serves as a sequel to two distinguished volumes on capitalism: Continuity and Change in Contemporary Capitalism (Cambridge, 1999) and Order and Conflict in Contemporary Capitalism (1985).