Graduate Student Appreciation Week

Spencer Dorsey rock climbing

The Duke Graduate School has an annual tradition of celebrating the contributions of graduate students. Each spring, the Graduate School organizes activities to help students socialize, expand personal growth, and get access to tools for professional development. 

This year, the Graduate School encouraged departments and schools to create thank you videos to highlight this extraordinary period of life and the students who challenge themselves to become experts in their fields of study.  

We made this video to say thank you to the students who gave, and who are giving, so much energy and so many years to become scholars and field experts.  In this video, you will see Anh Do (PhD '19) playing Yiruma's "River Flows in You" on the grand piano in the Duke Wellness Center.  We overhear a conversation between Professor Eddy Malesky and Jan Vogler (PhD '19) discussing Jan's research.  Spencer Dorsey (PhD '20) is seen rock climbing Pilot Mountain State Park.  He says, "in political science, we have a different relationship with risk."  His intent was to discuss risk as political strategy management. But there is another context for that sentence, not too far afield, where risk can be seen as the leap of faith taken by students who invest all their productive capacity into becoming scholars and experts. 

To our graduate students: We are inspired by your work ethic, by your friendships that support each other, and by your commitment to using social science to make the world better.