New Faces in China Studies Conference

New Faces in China Studies Conference

Sponsored by the Department of Political Science and the Asian Pacific Studies Institute

The third iteration of the NEW FACES IN CHINA STUDIES CONFERENCE at Duke University welcomes 10 advanced graduate students, selected from a competitive pool of applicants from universities across the United States and in Canada, to join graduate students and faculty members in political science at Duke University in presenting and discussing original, rigorous research that advances our knowledge about important questions in Chinese politics.

Perkins Library 218, Tarasoff Family Reading Room
December 7, 2018, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

8:30 am
session 1

Tan ZHAO, University of Washington [8:30]
Rent Seeking and Cadre Management in Rural China
Discussant: Melanie Manion, Duke University

Jay Chieh KAO, University of Texas at Austin [9:10]
Family Matters: Education and Indoctrination in an Authoritarian Regime
Discussant: Ismail White, Duke University

Hanzhang LIU, Columbia University [9:50]
Co-opting with Upward Mobility: Civil Service Examination in Contemporary China
Discussant: Pablo Beramendi, Duke University

session 2

Nhu TRUONG, McGill University {10:45]
In the Shadow of Repression: Law and Authoritarian Responsiveness to Societal Unrest against State Land Acquisitions in Vietnam and China
Discussant: Erik Wibbels, Duke University

Erik WANG, Princeton University {11:25}
Frightened Mandarins: The Unintended Consequences of Fighting Corruption for Local State Capacity
Discussant: Edmund Malesky, Duke University

Xu XU, Pennsylvania State University [12:05]
To Repress or To Co-opt? Authoritarian Control in the Age of Digital Surveillance
Discussant: David Siegel, Duke University

1:30, session 3

Yichen GUAN, Harvard University [1:30]
Engagement under Authoritarian Rule: Political Participation of Muslim Minorities in China
Discussant: Christopher Johnston, Duke University

Chuyu LIU, Pennsylvania State University [2:10]
Money Talks: Cross-Ethnic Patronage and Ethnic Conflict in China
Discussant: Kyle Beardsley, Duke University

Zhaotian LUO, New York University [2:50}
Politics and Information in Economic Reforms
Discussant: John Aldrich, Duke University 

Jieun KIM, University of California, Berkeley [3:30]
Do at Your Own Risk: A Formal Model of Delegation with Vague Guidelines in the Bureaucratic Hierarchy
Discussant: Emerson Niou, Duke University

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