Why Major in Political Science? - new video launch

If you are considering majoring in political science, professor Adriane Fresh outlines what the Duke Department of Political Science has to offer, in this video.

"Political science is the application of the scientific method to questions in the political realm. Political scientists study how individual political attitudes are formed, how complex institutions like legislatures or judiciaries function, we study why some protests are successful and others aren't, how corruption responds to new policies, how civil wars can end, trade wars start, and so much more. We study these questions in the present moment and we go far back in time and we travel all around the world with our ideas to try to find answers. In addition to asking questions about how the political world actually works political scientists also wrestle with really deep philosophical questions about the way the political world should work: why be moral, what are the obligations of the citizens in the state, and what makes a good society function?"