Ask the Experts: Michael Gillespie on Patriotism

Monday, July 11, 2016

The world has become a much, much better place as a result of globalization with a decline in violence, the growth of prosperity at almost all levels (a huge decline in absolute poverty), greater cultural and social interaction, etc. But it does hurt those who lack skills or who do not do well in school, or drop out and want a blue collar job like their fathers or grandfathers had. Such jobs exist, they are just in Vietnam and other third world countries where people are willing to work for much less than in the US. Moreover, since 2008 we have seen a great outflow of immigrants than an inflow but still people complain that their jobs are being taken away by immigrants. The hope of dealing with this problem by building a wall is ridiculous. Capital goes to where it can get the best return and that now cannot be stopped and even the rumor of such an attempt at such a change can destroy a country as Greece learned and as is becoming apparent to the Brits. We all need, in some sense, to become world citizens while retaining our local affiliations.

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