Graduation Stories: 11 seniors and their Duke legacies

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Duke Today is highlighting twenty-three seniors, seven of which are political science majors or minors.  Here are those seven, and four more unforgettable Duke stories.  

Jay Ruckelshaus and Laura Roberts were awarded Rhodes Scholarships.  In this video, they share the thrill of winning, their research goals, and their optimism.

Kari Barclay was a Humanity in Action Fellow who reports back from Denmark in this video.  He is using the arts in clever ways to promote political activism.

Emma Campbell-Mohn was awarded the Schwarzman Scholarship.  This opportunity affords her an extensive stay in China, where she will continue her research.

Ernie Britt, a Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholar, is passionate about using documentary filmmaking to raise political consciousness for social justice causes.

Lauren Blazing was named an Atlantic Coast Conference Scholar Athlete of the Year.  In this interview, she is asked, what academic achievement she takes the most pride in. "ACC Scholar-Athlete of the Year. Also, honestly the fact that I’ve been able to make connections with professors is something I’m happy about. Making connections with professors is going to make a difference."     

Michael Pelle wrote his honors thesis on how disenfranchising ex-felons is explained through racial biases. "He used survey responses from 1,300 people nationwide to determine levels of support for the policies, with and without a statement explaining their effects on black people, finding statistically significant differences."  Continue reading here.

As part of their cumulative class project, Jenna Hymowitz, Lee Weisberger, and Patrick Schutz worked with underclassmates to create an interactive Syrian refugee crisis map.  Visit their website here.

David Morris addressed the Blue Devil Days audience and shared his eclectic leadership roles amassed after four years of pursuing Duke opportunities.