New Workshop: Radical Party Challenges & Realignment in Advanced Democracies

All across the Western hemisphere, satisfaction with democratic governments has decreased and voters abandon mainstream politicians and political parties. “Populist” dissatisfaction with what voters perceive unresponsive elites makes new political challengers thrive: “Right-wing” populist politicians appeal to the purity of the nation and oppose immigration and multiculturalism. “Left-wing” populists emphasize economic deprivation and growing inequality. This conference examines the dynamics of populist Left and Right challengers. It goes beyond the quest to uncover the origins of such challenges in order to analyze the strategic positioning of these new challengers, as well as their interaction with mainstream politics.

The Frontiers in Political Science workshop series continues this year with "Radical Party Challenges and Realignment in Advanced Democracies."  Duke University hosts this workshop on Friday April 20, and Saturday April 21, in Gross Hall 270.   Sections include, "Left and Right Polarization and Fragmentation of Party Systems," "Selective Competition and Blurriness of Policy Positions," "Position Taking on Economic and Socio-economic Policy," and "Strategic Moves of Mainstream Parties Faced with Radical Challengers."  To see a full list of scheduled themes, click here.  This event is open to the Duke Community and the public.

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