How to Think in an Age of Political Polarization


Americans today live in a time of deep political polarization, cultural tribalism, and self-segregation. To many, it feels like we're in the middle of a cultural civil war that is turning violent. Those with whom we have deep disagreements, assuming we interact with them at all, are often viewed as not just wrong but as irrational, immoral, even contemptible. Is this a good thing? What sort of habits of mind (e.g. intellectual humility and charity) and practices should we cultivate in response to this reality in order to sustain a healthy democracy? Special attention paid to the university, cancel culture, free speech, social media, and identity politics. Lively discussion is encouraged.
Curriculum Codes
  • EI
  • W
  • CZ
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  • ETHICS 203
  • PUBPOL 202
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