Political Economy

Number Title Codes
POLSCI 146 Politics and Economics SS
POLSCI 224 Inequality and Politics SS
POLSCI 229 Institutions and Self Governance CCI, CZ, SS
POLSCI 231D Introduction to Tools of Political Risk Analysis SS
POLSCI 250 The Politics of International Economic Relations: America in the World Economy CCI, SS
POLSCI 252 Life Within Capitalism: A History of its Values, Measures and Struggles EI, CZ
POLSCI 291-6 Sophomore/Junior Independent Study Political Economy
POLSCI 294A Political Economy of Immigration CCI, SS
POLSCI 308 Islam and the State: Political Economy of Governance in the Middle East CCI, R, CZ, SS
POLSCI 315S Political Economy of Financial Crises SS
POLSCI 327S The Economic and Political Performance of Civilizations CCI, R, CZ, SS
POLSCI 338 Political Economy of South East Asia CCI, EI, SS
POLSCI 340D The Modern Regulatory State EI, R, CZ, SS
POLSCI 341S Business and Human Rights Advocacy Lab EI, R, W
POLSCI 346 Business, Politics, and Economic Growth CCI, SS
POLSCI 347 Globalization and Domestic Politics CCI, EI, R, SS
POLSCI 349 Political Economy of Latin America CCI, SS
POLSCI 351 Economic History and Modernization of the Islamic Middle East CCI, W, CZ, SS
POLSCI 390-6 Special Topics in Political Economy
POLSCI 390S-6 Special Topics in Political Economy
POLSCI 391-6 Senior Independent Study in Political Economy
POLSCI 393-6 Sophomore/Junior Research Independent Study Political Economy R
POLSCI 449 Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Capstone R, SS
POLSCI 468S Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Prosperity and Distribution in the Long Run SS
POLSCI 493-6 Senior Research Independent Study in Political Methodology R
POLSCI 497S-6 Senior Seminar in Political Economy SS
POLSCI 503S Crisis, Choice, and Change in Advanced Democratic States CCI, SS
POLSCI 527S Global Africa CCI, EI, SS
POLSCI 536S Choosing in Groups: Social Choice and Collective Action R, QS
POLSCI 546S Assisting Development R, W, SS
POLSCI 549S Collective Action, Property Rights, and the Environment CCI, EI, SS
POLSCI 555S The Politics of Market Competition in a Global Economy R, SS
POLSCI 590-6 Intermediate Topics in Political Economy
POLSCI 590S-6 Intermediate Topics in Political Economy
POLSCI 632 Computational Political Economy R, SS
POLSCI 642S Global Inequality Research Seminar CCI, R, ALP, SS
POLSCI 644S The Political Economy of Inequality R, SS
POLSCI 645S Political Economy of Growth, Stabilization and Distribution R, SS
POLSCI 646S The Politics of European Integration CCI, R, SS
POLSCI 650S Political Economy of International Relations R, SS
POLSCI 651S Theories of International Political Economy SS
POLSCI 658S Political Economy of Terrorism SS
POLSCI 662S Problems in International Politics CCI, R, SS
POLSCI 675S Economy, Society, and Morality in Eighteenth-Century Thought R, SS
POLSCI 679S The Past and Future of Capitalist Democracy I EI, R, SS
POLSCI 680S The Past and Future of Capitalist Democracy II EI, R, SS
POLSCI 690-6 Advanced Topics in Political Economy
POLSCI 690S-6 Advanced Topics in Political Economy
POLSCI 705S Political Economy of Macroeconomics
POLSCI 720S Capitalism
POLSCI 745 Core in Political Economy (PE)
POLSCI 746S Seminar on Political Economy: Micro Level
POLSCI 747S Seminar in Political Economy: Macro Level (C-E)
POLSCI 750S Political Economy of Development
POLSCI 751S Empirical Investigation of Governance
POLSCI 758 Workshop in Political Economy I
POLSCI 759 Workshop in Political Economy II
POLSCI 761 Islam and the State: Political Economy of Governance in the Middle East
POLSCI 762 The Political Economy of Institutions
POLSCI 764S Political Economy of Corruption and Good Governance
POLSCI 890-6 Political Economy